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Mosaic Session Ale by Karl Strauss Brewing Company Tasting Notes

Mosaic Session Ale
Karl Strauss has created an instant classic and go-to beer with this single hop beer, Mosaic Session Ale.

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Saranac Pale Ale by The Matt Brewing Company (Saranac) Tasting Notes

Saranac produces a very solid offering with their Pale Ale. It is classified as an English Pale Ale but it more like a hybrid of English and American styles.

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Anniversary Ale – Pale Ale (2013) by Mendocino Brewing Company Tasting Notes

Mendocino Brewing Company celebrates their 30th Anniversary with the first of their anniversary ales: a Cascade single hop (double) pale ale.

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Atwater Pale by Golden Road Brewing Tasting Notes

Beer: Atwater Pale
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.5%
Brewery: Golden Road Brewing
Brewery City: Los Angeles, CA
Brewery Country: United States
Date Tasted: Monday, March 17, 2014 6:10:37 PM (PDT)
Where: Golden Road Brewing
Tasting Notes:

  • Appearance: golden orange
  • Smell: earthy, dank, citrus flowers, a touch of passionfruit
  • Taste: Balanced malty, adequately bitter
  • Overall: a smooth, flavorful, quaffable pale #!
Rating: 4
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Pale Ale Blind Tasting Party

Although pale ale is a staple of the craft beer industry and likely the style responsible for growing the industry in the US from 80 breweries to over 1700, pale ale is many times underrated and under-appreciated, even by yours truly. In my quest to find great session beers (to balance against the super high gravity beers), I decided to get some friends together to have a blind tasting of pale ale. The results of this party culminated in both this story as well as an article I wrote on Menuism.com about American Pale Ale.

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