Craft Beer Corkage Fees for Restaurants

Unfortunately, this project didn’t really work out. The only suggestions I received were spam.

More and more foodies and even wine experts like Alan Richman are converting to drinking craft beer with their meals. So why is it so hard to find good craft beer at a restaurant? Furthermore, why are restaurants not willing to have a reasonable corkage for beer?

If you would like to see more reasonable craft beer corkage fees, then please help fill in this list. If you find a restaurant that has a reasonable corkage for craft beer, we all want to know. If you find a restaurant that is not willing to work with you on the craft beer corkage, we want to know that too.

Corkage Fees

  • San Francisco
    • Mission Chinese Food: $1 for small, $2 for large, $10 for wine
    • Shalimar: No corkage for BYOB

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