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Beer Review 3×5 Note Cards

Since I’m frequently gathering feedback from friends about the beer that I am reviewing on this website, I wanted to gather the feedback in a more organized manner. I also wanted an simple format to review beer myself without having to carry around a small notepad or notebook. I recalled that I have several blank 3″ x 5″ notecards laying around and figured that would be a manageable size for my purposes.

The result is the attached PDF file. I printed out a few of these, printing on both sides of the notecard, before sharing some Pyramid Snow Cap with some friends. The cards worked out great. I know exactly who wrote what and when and I can quickly include their feedback into my next post. Now I plan on using these whenever I think or know I will be reviewing beer.

Some tips:

  • Get Adobe Reader to view and print the file
  • Set your paper type to 3″ x 5″
  • Use note cards that are blank on both sides
  • Print in portrait mode and insert the note cards in a portrait orientation
  • Do a test run of double sided printing on one card before doing several
  • Print on side 1 first
  • Reload the notecard and print on side 2 second
    • For my inkjet printer I do this by placing the printed side up with the top of the card going into the printer first. This should very likely be the same for most inkjets.
  • Enjoy

Click here to download beer_review_notecard.pdf

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