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Blogger Roundup of Cooking with Beer for The Session #47

For the past 47 months beer bloggers have been coordinating on a single topic to blog about on the first Friday of the month. This phenomenon is called The Session, which was started by Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer Bulletin and Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer. The topic of 47th installment of The Session, hosted here at Beer 47, was Cooking with Beer. The following is a recap of what the participating bloggers had to say about the subject. This subject brought out 21 bloggers and it made me very hungry reading all of these great blog posts.

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Cooking with Beer: Lamb Patties, Kölsch Salad, & Beer Brats for The Session #47

A few weeks ago, I announced that Beer 47 will be hosting The Sesssion #47 and the topic is Cooking with Beer. For my contribution to this topic I chose to find a few recipes, cook them, and report the results. I made three dishes: Norwegian lamb patties with spiced baltic porter gravy, Kölsch chevre spinach salad, and beer brats.

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Cooking with Beer, Announcing The Session #47

We all know beer is great for drinking but what about using it as an ingredient in cooking? Wine is used as an ingredient for numerous dishes and recipes yet beer seems to be under utilized in cooking. However, with the rise in popularity of craft beer and advocacy from the likes of The Homebrew Chef, I think this trend is slowly changing. For the month of January, Beer 47 will be hosting The Session #47 and encouraging beer bloggers from all over the internet to discuss Cooking with Beer.

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Round Up for The Session #30: Beer Desserts

Tripel-poached-pear with ice cream dessert.

Normally the “Round Up” for The Sessions comes a day or two following the day of The Sessions. My Saturday after The Session, however, consisted of preparing and packing for a trip to Belgium and London, more on that trip later. First, the long awaited and much over due round-up. Below are all the blog postings about beer dessert that were sent in. There are over twenty links to blog postings and more provided below.

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Beer Desserts for The Session #30

When I volunteered for the August installment of The Sessions, I immediately decided upon the topic of desserts made with beer. I had recently purchased a copy of Sam Calagione’s Extreme Brewing [Amazon] and I had brewed Blood Orange Hefeweizen and I had made the Smoky Maple Porter BBQ Sauce so at that moment I was eager to try out a few of the dessert recipes.

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