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Beer and Homebrewing Holiday Gift Guide 2009

Holiday Gift Guide 2009

To help you with your holiday shopping for that beer lover or homebrewer that you know, or as a resource to figure out what you want for the holidays, I’ve formulated with the following Holiday Gift Guide. If you have any more suggestions, list them in the comments and I’ll update the article.

This guide has recommedation for book, movies, glassware, homebrewing, draft equipment, neon signs, and beer.


Reading and learning about beer can be almost as fun as consumption of beer. The following are some recommended books on the subject.

The following are some great books on the subject of homebrewing.

Holiday Gift Guide 2009


Movies with a beer theme can be great fun to watch and the documentaries are informative. Here is a list of movies about beer.

  • Strange Brew (1983) is a classic movie with Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas about trying to get a free case of beer.
  • Beerfest (2006) (Blu-ray edition) is a new classic comedy about beer. Octoberfest, brewing, beer games competition, slapstick comedy, this beer movie has it all. Das Booooot!
  • Beer Wars (2009) is a recent documentary about the beer industry and the 3-tier system of distribution.
  • Artie Lange’s Beer League (2006)


As craft beer lovers know, beer is always best poured into a glass and especially good if you can drink it from the preferred shaped glassware. Beer Advocate has a great guide to beer glassware.

  • Pilsner glasses use these for all of your lagers and German style beer.
  • Double walled Pilsner glasses, keep you beer colder in one of these and admire your beer in this interesting glass.
  • Beer Goblet glasses for all of your big Belgian beers like strong, dubbel, tripel, etc.
  • Beer Steins are great for American craft ales, English ales, Oktoberfest beer, Vienna lager, and dark lagers.
  • Weizen glasses are frequently sold as pilsner glasses. Use them for your wheat beers.
  • Double walled weizen glasses keep your beer colder longer and look cool too.
  • Imperial pint glasses are great for just about any American or English ale.
  • Snifters are good for the high gravity ales like barleywine and Belgian-styles.
  • Tulip glasses are great at collecting and concentrating the aroma of the beer. I liket hem for almost all styles but they are traditionally best for Belgian style beer and double IPA.

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