Enjoying Belgian beer in Paris, photo by Jason Rodman

For a long time I’ve wanted to create a website dedicated to beer and home brewing. Finally, late in 2008, I decided that after the New Year I would start a new beer and home brewing blog.

After creating the blog template, the next hardest part was coming up with a name for the blog. I considered some clever ideas but I really wanted a name short and somewhat easy to remember so I settled on Beer 47.

I have been asked, what is the 47 for? For my undergraduate degree I attended Pomona College. At Pomona there is a mysterious lore about the number 47. It started in 1964, when Professor of Mathematics Donald Bentley proved that all numbers are equal to 47. The proof was just an example for students on how to write mathematical proofs and was not actually mathematically valid. Since then, the coincidences of 47 in relation to Pomona College did not stop. The freeway offramp for Pomona College and the Claremont Colleges is Exit 47 (although the exit 47 was missing the last time I drove by), there are 47 pipes in the top row of an organ in the music hall, at the time of the first graudating class, in 1894, there were 47 students enrolled, and the list keeps going. In a sense, the number 47 is an unofficial mascott of Pomona College.

Since starting Beer 47, I have continued my beer writing on other sites as well.

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  • David and Liz are investors in Magnolia Brewery in San Francisco, CA.


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