The Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale Tasting Notes


The Duck-Rabbit Brewery, the self proclaimed dark beer specialists, have crafted a wonderful Scotch style beer.

This beer pours a clear with a dark-copper, oaky color. The foamy head has a tan, chocolate milk-like color and average retention. True to style Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale is malty through and through. The aroma has notes of nutty grain, roasted malts, cola, and toffee. It’s almost like beer brittle drizzled with a touch of dark chocolate and a touch of espresso. The flavor is malty and quite sweet. It has low hop bitterness and the bitterness present is spicy and espresso-like. The cola, chocolate, and roasty flavors really come out even more the flavor. The mouth feel is viscous and velvety.

Overall this is a fantastic take on the wee heavy beer style so much so it is now one of my favorite takes on it. I enjoy the intense, not-quite-dessert malty flavors.

Prunes and dried dark fruit.

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  1. That Scotch is Really looking Tasty.

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