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Awesome Special Release Beer

Back in August 2012, I was in Indianapolis for GenCon so I contacted Sun King Brewing and set up a private tour of their facilities. It was amazing to see the massive size of their brewery despite the fact that, at the time, they only distributed in a 50 mile radius around Indianapolis. These days their distribution is larger. In this post I will provide you a glimpse into this brewery through photos of the brewery and flavors of the beer.

Let's Start with a Beer

Many of the beers that I sampled on the tour were very limited, special releases, which are normally only available at events or beer dinners.

Java Mac
Java Mac is basically Wee Mac with coffee added. The beans are from Bjava roasters.
This beer is malty with a strong coffee component. It is smooth and roasty.  This beer won a Gold Medal at GABF in 2011 for Coffee Beer.

Batch 333: Velvet Fog
Velvet Fog is a Belgian Strong Dark and won a gold medal at WBC in 2012. This beer has a sweet almost bourbon like flavor accompanied by strong flavors of dried fruit. It also exhibits cola, caramel, prunes, and malt. It also has an earthy astringency that rounds it out. It has light chocolate flavors almost like red velvet chocolate cupcakes.

2nd Five Pappy van Muckle
This beer starts off as Wee Muckle (Imperial Wee Mac) it is then aged in 20 year Pappy van Winkle barrels. The flavors are like fine bourbon. Flavors are woody plus dark chocolate brownies with bourbon caramel sauce. This is an incredible beer.

Velvet Fog in Pappy van Winkle
This beer is Velvet Fog aged in Pappy van Winkle barrels. It is less sweet than the regular version. The astringency and possibly a minimal amount of fermentation makes this drier and even more balanced than this already phenomenal beer. The bourbon flavor is more refined and more oaky and woody.

Mash Tun Fermenters Tanks on the Side Generic Label Sun King Cans The Cold Barrel Room Barrel Aged Beer Taps anf Growlers from the Tasting Room


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