Let’s make #craftbeer a trending topic on May 16 with a toast

American Craft Beer week starts on Monday, May 16, 2011 and what would be a better way to kick off the week by making #craftbeer a trending topic on Twitter. We tried making #craftbeer trend on April 8 and although we had hundreds of participants it seems we were overshadowed a few pieces of sports news.

Here’s the plan, on Monday, May 16 at 8:30pm EDT jump on Twitter and give a virtual toast to craft beer. Something short like, “Cheers to #craftbeer!” would work great. Be sure to include the #craftbeer hashtag and tell us what you’re drinking for your toast. But don’t stop there, to keep #craftbeer trending we’re going to need thousands of tweets so tell us about your next beer or why you like craft beer.

Next, I’ve heard speculation that to trend a topic you need both a lot of messages w/the hashtag as well as a lot of retweeting. So be sure to encourage your friends and followers to join you in helping to make #craftbeer a trending topic by retweeting a message that I’ll send out at 8:30pm PDT.

Finally, please monitor the Twitter trending locations, such as Global, USA, and your local city, to see if #craftbeer is trending. If you see it in the list, take a screenshot, upload it, and tweet it out again with the #craftbeer hashtag. Cheers!

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