Notch Independent Brewers wins cash prize with session ales

Notch Indpendent Brewers, out of Ipswich, Massachusetts, won the top prize in the 2011 North of Boston Business Plan Competition at the Grand Finale on April 11th. The prize of $5000 was given for their idea of introducing more session ales into the craft beer market. Session ales are lower in alcohol allowing the drinker to consume beer during a longer period of time without becoming overly-inebriated. Notch president, Chris Lohring, said that, “serious beer drinkers are ready for ale that delivers flavor without high alcohol content.”

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  1. David Jensen says:

    I think flavorful session ales are a great trend in the craft beer world. I think it might even help with the growth of craft beer. I keep thinking of the couple at the local market who picked up three bottles of Pliny the Elder and then a 24 pack of Miller because they didn’t want to drink something “heavy” for the whole evening.

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