On the Eve of SF Beer Week, Ice Cream and Triple

SF Beer Week didn’t officially start until today, Friday, February 11 but that doesn’t mean there weren’t any SF Beer Week related events going on last night. So I got a head start by visiting Humphrey Slocombe for beer ice cream and Shotwell’s for a first taste of Cherry Voodoo’s Triple.

It was ice cream that inspired this SF Beer Week Eve adventure, specifically Passion Fruit Lambic Sorbet. It is actually made with Lindeman’s [sic] Framboise. The alcohol is cooked off before adding but it still retains an ever so slightly sour flavor. The passion fruit flavor is strong and I didn’t pick up any flavors of raspberries. I also had a small sample of Magnolia Stout ice cream, which was creamy, malty, and delicious.

The next stop was Shotwell’s for a glass of Triple made by the new Bay Area brewery, Cherry Voodoo.

Tasting notes: Almost like a Belgian IPA. Some cloves and very little banana. Not too sweet. Grainy Belgian nose with some fruity, herbal nose. Smells a bit like Triple Karmeliet but Americanized.

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