Cooking with Beer, Announcing The Session #47

We all know beer is great for drinking but what about using it as an ingredient in cooking? Wine is used as an ingredient for numerous dishes and recipes yet beer seems to be under utilized in cooking. However, with the rise in popularity of craft beer and advocacy from the likes of The Homebrew Chef, I think this trend is slowly changing. For the month of January, Beer 47 will be hosting The Session #47 and encouraging beer bloggers from all over the internet to discuss Cooking with Beer.

Despite my claim that beer is under-utilized there are definitely some uses of beer in cuisine such as beer-can-chicken, beer bread, beer brats, and beer battered deep-fried foods. What else have you made or tasted made with beer?

Since the topic of Cooking with Beer is broad, I invite you to share any experience that you have had with beer as an ingredient in food or for cooking. I only ask that you be sure to include other dishes besides (or in addition to) dessert, the reason being that we have already discussed Beer Desserts for The Session #30. You don’t need to exclude dessert, just please do not limit your discussion to dessert only. If you need some more inspiration for this topic, here are some more ideas:

  • Find a recipe that includes beer as an ingredient, share the recipe, cook it, and tell us the results.
  • Talk about a meal prepared by somebody else (by a friend or at a restaurant) that used beer as an ingredient.
  • What is the best dish you’ve had made with beer? The worst?
  • What are some of the challenges in cooking with beer whether it be a savory or a sweet dish?
  • What does beer add to a dish?

The Sessions is a monthly beer blogging event that invites any beer blogger to participate by writing their own perspective on a unique topic regarding beer. Each topic is announced one month in advance (sorry for being a bit late on this one) of the first Friday of each month. You can write your blog post in advance or on the first Friday of the month. Following the submission of your blog posts, as the host, I will write a brief wrap-up of each of the posts. The Session #47 will be the first one of the New Year on Friday, January 7, 2011. The Sessions was started by Jay Brooks of Brookston Beer Bulletin and Stan Hieronymus of Appellation Beer.

I look forward to some great mouthwatering articles and recipes about cooking with beer!

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26 Responses to Cooking with Beer, Announcing The Session #47

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  3. Mel says:

    Hey there! Just got my Session post pulled together. I’ll be out of the country next week, but the post will publish on Jan. 7. Look for it at


  4. Barry M says:

    My first session post in almost two years! Thanks for hosting a topic I couldn’t resist. A little early, but it’s nearly Friday here in Germany 😉

  5. markdredge says:

    Great topic – I love cooking with beer. My blog is up here –

  6. Thanks for hosting, David. Here’s my contribution for Beer Rice.

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  8. I once tried using beer instead of stock for rissoto, it was interesting!

  9. Here is my addition to the session…

    Have a great weekend!

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  11. BeerPHXation says:

    We give a brief survey of a few restaurants in Phoenix that serve beer dishes:
    Cooking With Beer

  12. Deirdre Reid says:

    And here’s mine – Shattering all your resolutions: Beer Cheese Soup Steph, yours are bookmarked!

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  14. Jon says:

    Hi, thanks for hosting this month! My post on The Brew Site
    is here: Cooking with beer.

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