Day 2: The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and Denver 2010

My second day in Denver was not a packed as the first day but I still made it to a few different places. I started out the day at Falling Rock Tap Room for the tapping of the Mutinous Battle Chai followed by the Friday night GABF session and ending my evening at Euclid Hall for a late night dinner.

Falling Rock Tap Room has a huge draw during GABF and the place seems to always be packed. Its a great scene of people who enjoy beer. I talked to several friendly folks while I was eating my lunch and waiting for friends. The special beer on tap was a collaboration between Mutineer Magazine and New Holland Brewing, called Mutinous Battle Chai. The beer is a Chai spiced ale that matches the aspects of Chai tea without loosing the maltiness that makes it beer. It smells like sweet black chai tea consisting of cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon. It is malty sweet a little astringent, like tea. The photo of three half-pint beer glasses below are the Mutinous Battle Chai.

The session at the Great American Beer Festival on Friday night started with a very short line for the members and for the first 30 minutes of the festival it seemed less crowded than the previous night. That soon changed to become a night that was much busier than the previous night.

Also out Friday night were many of the brewers, I had a chance to talk with the brewers or owners from Uncommon Brewers, Brooklyn Beer, Brugge, Fat Head’s Brewery, and Eagle Rock Brewery. I also wrote many more notes on the beer I sampled. Check out my raw, unedited tasting notes after the photos.

After the festival, I headed to Euclid Hall with some friends where we, again, had a delicious meal. We sampled the sausage, pickles, and poutines for appetizers and for dinner I had the very delicious brat burger, a sandwich where the meat is like a bratwurst patty.

Tasting Notes


– Jerry McPhie & Avery, Roggenbeir, choco nose, a hint of banana/clove, earthy. Roasty

– bob peak & Bear Rwpublic, American pilsner w/black pepper, pepper nose, very peppery, nice, sweet, bitter, like eating a peppersteak, fresh cracked pepper

– Donny Hummel & Eagle Rock, Red Velvet, citrus roasty, velvety smooth sweetness, a smooth rye sweetness, 77 IBU but doesn’t seem so bitter

Tustin Brewing

– portola coffee blonde, made w/coffee extract, light color amd flavor, like a fresh pot of coffee

Cigar City

– Guava Grove, fruity, slightly tart, great flavor

– oatmeal raisin cookie, a brown with vanilla and raisin, tastes like cookie dough, raisins

Cumberland Brewery, Louisville

– bourbon barrel keister, 75% bourbon flavors, sweet malt, chocolate, cacoa, intense vanilla, caramel, coconut? Superb

Brooklyn Beer,

– Brooklyn Sorachi Ace, lemon zest, herbal, slight white pepper, not too bitter. Slightly sweet, good stuff

– Manhattan Project, supposed to be like a manhattan cocktail, a little fruity, sweet, interesting

Blue Point Brewing, NY

– toasted lager, lager, slightly toasty, maybe like a Vienna lager

Rockyard, CO

– pigtail cream ale, creamy, crisp, clean

Rocky Mountain

– alt, awful, dirty wet sock, sorry guys, did it ruin my cup?


– Flower Power, ipa, citrusy, grapefruit, floral, bitter, clean, almost dry, crisp

– Super Friends, grapefruit, wet hay, wet dog but in a good way, it’s Simcoe after all

– Brute, sour with just a bit of sweetness, Flinstones vitamins (asorbic acid)


– IPA, herbal nose. Tettnang, chinook, centennial, bitter and tasty

– Spider, goji berry, 9-year pickled plums, cherry. Wild yeast. Sour and candy, a little roasty, OMG so complex and delicious, sark chocolate covered cherry liquor. So nice.


– breakfast stout, coffee beans dark roasted, molasses, a little oats, full bodied

Jolly Pumpkin

– Biere de Mars, sour sweet nose, crisp sourness, hint of spice

Fat Head’s Bewery, PA

– KoKo Head Chocolate Coconut Cream Stout, chocolately, candy sweet. Coconut and cream

– Up in Smoke, smoky alder wood, smokes right on the loading docks, nice smokiness but a sweetness in the finish that balances nicely.

– Collaboarive evil, bourbon aged smoked Baltic porter, KY bourbon barrels, not as smoky but much sweeter almost like molasses or malt extract, the bourbon flavor is also present and compliments the sweet and smoke very well


– Dbl Nut Brown, toasty, sweet, molasses, roasty, light coffee, a little nutty

Il Vicino

-Citra wheat w/citra hops, citrus grapefruit, grassy, light sweet almost lemon hint of pomelo, grainy, delicious, southeast Asia pomelo is the

Green flash

– bourbon barrel stout, whiskey flavors, sweet malty, a little chocatw and coffee


– Parabola, chocolate espresso beans, roasty, ice cream, silky smooth

Eagle Rock

– IPA, grapefruit a little grassy, a little sweetness but very well balanced with the bitterness. A food use of both Simcoe and Citra (no manure nor dirty wet at smells)


– The Colonel, porter with cherries and wild yeast, slightly spur and astringent, roasty and sweet, intense

– arquebus, barley wine, malty slight molasses, quite sweet with a hint of sour

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  1. Jim Reed says:

    I am so sad to have missed Denver this year. It had become my annual trip to kick off the fall and holiday season. Thanks for passing along just a taste of it!

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