Keg Cap Tap Product Review

I recently came across an ingenious idea for product called the Keg Cap Tap. The idea is quite simple, it is a tap handle that allows you to affix a cap from the keg. At first, I thought this would only be a good idea for folks who buy commercial kegs and not for homebrewers. When I emailed with Matt at Keg Cap Tap (@KegCapTap), he assured me that this was also an ideal solution for home brewers and had some add-ons specifically for home brewers. He sent me a some sample of his product and he was right. It is great for both home brewers, see photos below, and also for your commercially purchased kegs.

The taps come in lengths of 1, 2, and 4 inches and the disc on top adds another 2.25 inches to the total length of the tap. They screw onto a standard faucet out of the box and come in a variety of colors. I opted for chrome or plain to match my setup. If you don’t already have some keg caps laying around, you can buy a set of 5 blank ones for $4.99. With those, you can either use a marker, or do like I did and use that handy label maker to have nice printed labels.

The next product that Keg Cap Tap will offer is custom designs for decals for your keg caps. Matt told me the idea is that you can have a generic custom design on your decals and then use a marker to indicate what the beer is. For instance, you could put the name of your home brew club on the edges and leave the center blank for the name of the beer.

The taps are made of sturdy materials and they feel and look like an natural addition to your tap. Check out more details on the Keg Cap Tap website.

All of the photos are from my setup. Yes, I own a Pacifico neon sign. I really don’t drink Pacifico but the sign is gorgeous.

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2 Responses to Keg Cap Tap Product Review

  1. Billy Broas says:

    I love the idea of “dynamic” taps. I always come across cool looking handles but hesitate to buy because I don’t want to be locked in it. The idea of putting my blog logo on it is very appealing. Good review David. And I like the sign ; )

  2. Matt says:

    Thanks for the great review of our tap handles David. Your photos look great and your summary of the product is spot on. We hope that each and every beer they pour is enjoyed with a smile and friend!


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