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When I purchased several, quite overpriced import, Coedo beers, each bottle had a little label attached. The label touted that their beers had received a superior taste award in 2008 from Monde Selection, which appears to be a consumer testing organization in Brussels . I agree that Coedo makes an above average beer, especially when compared to most Japanese beers, their beer doesn’t blow me away. It is drinkable, refreshing, crisp, pairs well with salty food, and has flavor. Coedo Kyara, along with Coedo Ruri, which I also reviewed, both fall along these lines.

The brewery describes this beer as follows:

Rich golden brown with tinges of red – this is the color of Kyara Beer. Beneath the rich aroma of the hops and the finely textured head awaits the rich smooth taste of 100% malt. This beer is made to savor, and even if it is not fully chilled, the full-bodied flavor does not diminish. The name “Kyara” comes from the incredibly fragrant Aloeswood tree, and represents this beer’s unique color and aroma.

Where I Found It. Suruki Supermarket in San Mateo, CA.

Serving Type. 12 oz. bottle to a glass.

Date Reviewed. November 7, 2009

Appearance. Kyara has a white head with loose bubbles the head doesn’t have very much staying power. This beer has a golden-yellow with a tinge of orange. I think this beer might suffer from a tiny bit of chill haze because it was ever so slightly cloudy when I first poured it and it cleared up as it warmed up.

Smell. The aroma of this beer is rich, malty, with a hint of the lager yeast used to brew this beer. The hop bouquet is earthy and spicy. In conjunction with these aromas is a hint of copper.

Taste. The hint copper smell in Coedo Kyara is more pronounced in the taste but does not distract from the rich malty sweetness. The bitterness is smooth, subdued, and balanced by the rich malt. The bitterness is likely under 30 IBUs, which is what you would expect for this style of beer. On the whole, this beer tastes like a Japanese beer but with more rich malt flavors. With that said, it is a god beer but not spectacular. Being that it has such a premium cost, it might be worth waiting for it to go on sale before buying some.

Mouthfeel. This is a light bodied beer that is nicely carbonated and goes down smooth.

Overall. This is a very easy beer to drink and it goes great with burgers. It would likely also pair well with pizza or Japanese food.

Rating. My ratings below are on a five point scale with five being the best score.

  • Appearance (6%): 3.5
  • Smell (24%): 3.5
  • Taste (40%): 3.0
  • Mouthfeel (10%): 3.5
  • Overall (20%): 4.5
  • Total: 3.5


  • Style: Vienna lager
  • Brewery: Coedo
  • Alcohol by volume: 5%
  • Beer Advocate rating: 3.81 (as of May 17, 2010)

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Coedo Kyara reviewed by David Jensen on November 7, 2009.
A malty and slightly roasty Vienna lager with a Japanese twist.
Kyara is a Vienna lager style beer brewed by Coedo Brewery in Japan.
Rating: 3.4 out of 5

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