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Coedo Kyara Review


When I purchased several, quite overpriced import, Coedo beers, each bottle had a little label attached. The label touted that their beers had received a superior taste award in 2008 from Monde Selection, which appears to be a consumer testing organization in Brussels . I agree that Coedo makes an above average beer, especially when compared to most Japanese beers, their beer doesn’t blow me away. It is drinkable, refreshing, crisp, pairs well with salty food, and has flavor. Coedo Kyara, along with Coedo Ruri, which I also reviewed, both fall along these lines.

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Baird Red Rose Amber Ale Review

When I reviewed Rising Sun Pale Ale from Baird Brewing Company, I also purchased a few more of their offerings including Red Rose Amber. This is a delicious amber ale with an inviting aroma and malty yet hop-spicy flavor. I actually enjoyed this amber ale more than their Pale Ale. Continue reading

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Buckbean Tule Duck Red Ale

I received a special can of Tule Duck Red as a sample from Buckbean Brewing Company before the official cans were released so my photos of the can may not represent what you’ll find in the stores. This red ale is refreshingly different from other West Coast breweries in that it is not super-charged with the 3Cs (Cascade, Centennial, Chinook), instead the hops reveal themselves as more herbal and floral. The malt of this beer also gives is a sweeter flavor. Continue reading

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21st Amendment Monk’s Blood Review

Monk’s Blood is a special release beer in a can from 21st Amendment that was available during the winter of 2009-2010 and it may no longer be available. This must have been one of the most unique beers that I ever had from a can. It is a bold complex beer with many layers of flavors and aromas. It was truly a delightful winter season beer and I hope it comes back to cans again soon. Continue reading

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Second Annual Craft Beer in Can Tasting, SF Beer Week

One of my favorite events at SF Beer Week in 2009 was the Canned Craft Brews event at Jug Shop so when I saw that it was returning for 2010 on April 13, I had to attend. Although I was quite beered-out from the many many other events earlier in the week, I still had a great time sipping on a few beers, taking a few photos, and talking with the representatives from the breweries. It was a great event and a wonderful way to promote craft beer in a can, a movement that I strongly support. Continue reading

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