Round Up for The Session #30: Beer Desserts

Tripel-poached-pear with ice cream dessert.

Normally the “Round Up” for The Sessions comes a day or two following the day of The Sessions. My Saturday after The Session, however, consisted of preparing and packing for a trip to Belgium and London, more on that trip later. First, the long awaited and much over due round-up. Below are all the blog postings about beer dessert that were sent in. There are over twenty links to blog postings and more provided below.

In my own post about beer dessert, I mention my experience with stout cake, stout chocolate pudding, and (pictured above) tripel-poached-pear dessert.

Steph Weber of writes about which beers are best for making dessert and includes a recipe for Stout Crème Brûlée.

@rnast mentioned that Founder’s Brewery had a dinnder that included a beer float made with Bourbon aged imperial stout, French vanilla ice cream, and toasted coconut sprinkles. Included is a link to a photo of the dessert.

Eddie Glick of explains how much he likes root beer and vanilla ice cream but does not like root beer floats. On the other had he loves a beer float made with Founder’s Breakfast Stout and vanilla ice cream.

The Beer Nut claims to have cheated and wrote an interesting article about beers for dessert, as opposed to a dessert made with beer.

The Aran Brew blog writes about making a beer jelly using Liefmann’s Kriek and how surprisingly easy it was to make. also had beer for dessert and paired it with cheese and fruit. Beer and cheese is a wonderful combination. Maybe somebody should do this for a future episode of The Sessions.

Jasmine from Beer at Joe’s made a beer cream pie and included the original recipe with step by step details about how it was made.

Lucy Saunders from The Best of American Food and Beer has a great recipe for Peach Lambic Ice Cream. It looks like it’s time for me to get an ice cream maker.

The Bay Area Beer Runner made a raspberry lambic gelatin in a brain shaped mold, you have to check out the photo of the final product.

The writers at the I’ll Have a Beer blog made not one but four different beer ice cream flavors including the recipes.

Bathtub Brewery writes about various beer desserts that they have made and tried, contemplating the best types of beer to use with dessert.

Geistbear Brewing Blog prefers beer for dessert.

Matt C. from A Wold of Brews recounts various beer desserts that he has tried, such as beer floats, chocolate mousse made with Rogue stout, and a pairing of IPA and carrot cake.

Lew Bryson of Seen Through a Glass writes that he enjoys beer as dessert and recalls a few other beer desserts that he has tried.

Peter from BetterBeerBlog went all out and made an elaborate dessert of beer brownies and framboise sorbet.

Jimmy from Hop Wild provided a recipe for a beer shake with two recommended combinations of ice cream and beer.

Jay from Brookston Beer Bulletin provided a list of beer styles that great in or with dessert.

Matt Hendy alerted us that Emeril recently made an ice cream with Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale.

Red, White, and Brew recounts some recent articles and experiences with beer desserts.

Brewed for Thought made a chocolate sauce out of North Coast’s Anniversary ale Rasputin XII and poured it over various desserts.

Bottles of Barley used a recipe from Beer Basics: A Quick and Easy Guide by Peter Lafrance to make a dessert called Naughty Gretchen.

The Homebrew Chef has eight beer dessert recipes on the recipe page. Rochefort 10 Crème Brûlée? That’s a strong and pricey dessert but sounds great.

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