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Round Up for The Session #30: Beer Desserts

Tripel-poached-pear with ice cream dessert.

Normally the “Round Up” for The Sessions comes a day or two following the day of The Sessions. My Saturday after The Session, however, consisted of preparing and packing for a trip to Belgium and London, more on that trip later. First, the long awaited and much over due round-up. Below are all the blog postings about beer dessert that were sent in. There are over twenty links to blog postings and more provided below.

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Beer Desserts for The Session #30

When I volunteered for the August installment of The Sessions, I immediately decided upon the topic of desserts made with beer. I had recently purchased a copy of Sam Calagione’s Extreme Brewing [Amazon] and I had brewed Blood Orange Hefeweizen and I had made the Smoky Maple Porter BBQ Sauce so at that moment I was eager to try out a few of the dessert recipes.

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