Announcing The Session #30: Beer Desserts

Imperial Stout Beer Brittle

You may have tried, or even made yourself, a few different savory dishes made with beer such as beer brats, BBQ sauce, beer can chicken, or beer battered chicken/fish. Beer seem to work well with this savory dishes but what about sweets and desserts? Beer may not be a common ingredient in desserts but when it is used properly, the results can be very delicious. A couple of desserts that I’ve tried making in the past have been beer brittle (pictured above) and stout chocolate cake. Another common beer dessert is a beer float.

The SessionFor the August 2009 edition of the The Session, Beer 47 will hosting an online discussion about Beer Desserts. What beer desserts have you tried and liked? Disliked? What beer styles work well with dessert and which ones do not? Do you have any beer dessert recipes that you enjoyed and would like to share? To participate in the August 2009 Session, write a blog entry about beer desserts before August 7, 2009 and let me know about it by either leaving a comment here or sending me an email using the contact form. On August 7, I will post my own article about beer desserts while reading all of the other submissions. On August 8, I will post the “roundup” article with links to all of the beer blog submissions and a little summary for each.

If you’re not a blogger, you are still welcome to participate. Please feel free to leave a comment on this post about any of your favorite beer desserts.

For more information about The Sessions, check out The Sessions page at Brookston Beer Bulletin. It explains in greater detail  The Sessions and includes a complete index of all of the past Sessions. There are some great articles to be found in The Sessions.

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26 Responses to Announcing The Session #30: Beer Desserts

  1. timbo says:

    I don’t know about the sessions…but I do know that vanilla ice cream tastes good dipped in Black Butte Porter.

  2. Steph Weber says:

    Here’s my contribution, which will go live on Friday:

    Thanks for hosting!

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  4. @rnast says:

    The Founder’s Brewery put on a dinner in Chicago recently and for dessert had: Founders Bourbon Aged Imperial Stout – Beer Float – French vanilla ice cream with toasted coconut sprinkles. I very much enjoyed it, despite my initial nervousness about the beer/icecream combo.

  5. EddieGlick says:

    Here’s you go:

    Although it looks like @rnast beat me to it…

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  7. Bionic Laura says:

    My session post, beer deserts is up. For this session I made jelly from beer.

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  9. Jasmine says:

    My contribution for the session is a porter cream pie:
    Lots of fun, thanks for hosting!

  10. I’ve got a blog post up about beer ice cream – with a recipe for a frozen concoction of peche lambic and fresh peaches. But my blog is also being updated with new version of WordPress after being hacked so I’ll post the link later this weekend…after the rebuild…and after the Great Taste of the Midwest cooking demo!
    cheers, Lucy

  11. Hi David,

    Not sure if you got this already. My post is up:

    Thanks for hosting this month,


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  13. Hi David,

    Thanks for hosting this month here is my post

    Matt C.

  14. Jimmy says:

    A little late, but I’m in.

    Thanks for hosting! Great topic.


  15. Matt Webster says:

    Love this theme … sorry I missed the deadline, but I figured I would drop a note.

    I sat with an Executive Pastry Chef and we paired her entire menu with craft beer. The top pairings so far are as follows:

    Bread Pudding w/ Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre
    Bananas Foster w/ Left Hand Milk Stout
    Chocolate Fondue w/ Unibroue Trois Pistoles
    Chocolate Peanute Butter Cupcakes w/ Orkney Skullsplitter
    Cheescake w/ Rocck Art American Red

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  17. Matt Hendry says:

    Emeril Made a Ice Cream with Peak Organic Espresso Amber Ale on his Emeril Green Show last week ,

    And The Great American beer Cookbook has a great Dessert Section .

    And I like the new trend of beer cocktails but that could be a whole Session of its own

  18. Brian Yaeger says:

    All I know is, I posted my Session #30 blog before Fri 8/7 b/c I knew I’d be out of town. But I forgot to leave the link in a comment. Then I returned home to check the round-up and post it in that blog’s comments since there’s always some stragglers. But, since I do not see the round-up, perhaps I’ve still time yet? Regardless, here’s mine:

    And Matt Webster, where in the world is that restaurant?? I must eat and drink there.


  19. what happened to the wrap-up and says:

    What happened to the wrap-up and the pointer to the next month’s call for posts?

  20. David Jensen says:

    I was in London and Belgium on vacation! Look at the Twitter posts on the blog here. If you look at the dates, it was just 2 days after the first Friday. Not quite enough time to post the wrap-up and announcement for next month.

    Now that I’m back, I’m working on it this weekend.

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