Gose Beer Goes Mainstream, 16 Gose Beers to Try


Over the past few years gose style beer has gained so much popularity that you can find it with regularity at bottle shops, craft beer bars, and breweries. Depending on where you live, it might even be more common than brown ale and porters. It certainly seems like that in the San Francisco Bay Area. I found 16 different gose beers and tried them all.

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Modus Hoperandi by Ska Brewing – Review

Modus Hoperandi IPA

Today for Thirsty Throwback Thursday, we have Modus Hoperandi IPA by Ska Brewing, which I had originally reviewed in 2012. This beer, however, is still in production and by the looks of check-ins on Untappd, still delicious!

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AleSmith Double IPA Review

AleSmith Double IPA

AleSmith  Double IPA was originally known as AleSmith Summer YuleSmith, which was a summer seasonal IPA. The new name better reflects the beer that it is. It will, however, remain as a summer seasonal, available from May to September.

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DC Brau The Corruption IPA Review

DC Brau The Corruption IPA

The Throwback Thursday review for today is D.C. Brau The Corruption IPA, which I originally reviewed in 2012. It is a smooth IPA with a hop bouquet that is fruity, floral, and piney. When I first reviewed this beer, DC Brau was one of the few craft breweries packaging their beer in cans. Cans or not, this is a great IPA.

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Starr Hill Brewery Four Kings IPA Pack

Each of the Four Kings King of Hop Double IPAs

A few weeks ago Starr Hill Brewery sent me their limited release 12-pack of double IPA’s called Four Kings. It includes 4 versions of their King of Hop Imperial IPA: the original version, Grapefruit, Lemon-Lime, and Habañero.

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